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High End Gaming PC Setup

24 Septembre 2020, 18:08

Région Bourgogne, Pont

Prix 800 EUR

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annonce high end gaming pc setup



Privat person / Business

Privat person

Intel i5 7600k CPU Processor

MSI GTX 1060 6gb

OG Strix Z270e Gaming motherboard

16gb crucial DDR4 ram memory 2400mhz

650watt bronze certified psu

256gb SSD

1tb Hard drive for storage

Evo 212 cooler

19 inch monitor, mouse and keyboard as extras

Computer runs any game out there to the fullest, can handle VR just fine. Computer has never been overclocked and kept very clean. Great for any new title out there like Fortnite, Witcher, CoD, Battlefield and anything else at max settings. PC only has about a weeks worth of use on it. Have no problem letting you test as much as you want. I went school for computer science and build pcs all the time, rest assured it was built well.



Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith
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9 Mai 2019




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