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Magic the gathering collection

19 Septembre 2020, 6:09

Région Aquitaine, Nouet

Prix 123 EUR

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Privat person / Business

Privat person

I have a pretty high end collection in everything but Standard (have not bought a pack in 5+ years and only new singles I wanted). I have 15+ dual lands, lions eye diamond, mana crypt, snapcaster mage x4, 20+ sac lands and many other frequently used lands. I really don't want to keep writing all morning and the pictures would take way longer than I want to spend. 13 EDH decks built, each one expensive on it's own and boxes of separate cards to purely give a visual.

I by no means am looking for fast cash and am just starting to slowly sell my mtg collection. I'm also not looking for top dollar either. Looking for 20% off of TCG or your choice site more than likely. Great for anyone looking for some key cards to fill out their collection with some decent savings. Message me if you have a list , are looking to pick up some trade bait at a discount or get boost your collection. Have no problem meeting up and letting you check things out or just send me a message.



Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith
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9 Mai 2019




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